About Waters Edge Longhorns

I have been enamored with this magnificent breed of cattle since the mid 1980s. I've had discussions with some of the pioneers of this breed with whom we are still talking about today. We maintain a herd of around 75 head of adult cattle with their young. We purchased some of our cattle from the top producers of today and have developed friendships with wonderful people from all over that we would have never met otherwise. Here at Waters Edge Longhorns we strive to breed cattle with exceptional horn width and length, vivacious colors, excellent dispositions, along with the reproductive ability, browse utilization, and the eye appeal this breed is known for. We are located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Northwest Georgia about an hour northwest of Atlanta. We love to show our Longhorns to established and new buyers as well. We have gotten new breeders started in this business and we enjoy talking to people just getting started and to existing farmers and ranchers. Texas Longhorns are a sight to behold, especially when they are gathered around the lake. Please call for an appointment for viewing or just to talk Longhorns. May God Bless everyone. He has definitely blessed us with this amazing work of art he has created from 500 years ago to the way they evolved into what they are today.

Chuck Swan.